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On May 6th, 2017, it was 80 years since the horrific crash of the Hindenburg. The Hindenburg was a famous German airship that measured 803.8 feet; compared to our U.S. Capitol Building, which is 751 feet. There was a post office aboard, accommodations for wealthy people and small cabins for the crew members. In addition to these there was a dining room, smoking room and a bar. The Hindenburg provided its guests with gourmet food and top shelf liquor. 
The airship was filled with hydrogen, which is highly flammable. (Prior to this, airships were filled with non-flammable helium.) 
The age of the airship came to an end on May 6, 1937 at Lakehurst Naval Air Station. The Hindenburg came in for a landing, caught fire and within less than 30 seconds, was completely destroyed. On the airship were 97 people (36 passengers and 61 crewmen). 35 people lost their lives in this tragedy; 13 passengers, 22 crewmen and 1 grounds person.
In our library's Hindenburg display, we have an actual piece of the metal ribs which was made of duralumin. Duralumin is a very light weight material and the Hindenburg had over 13 miles of duralumin ribbing within her. 
There is a picture of the airship floating over the Beach Haven School and Gifford's Garage on Bay Avenue in Beach Haven. 
Included in the display are reproductions of her sailing schedule, letters and a ticket that is scorched by the fire, views of the accommodations, and other Hindenburg memorabilia.

Veterans Display
Outside of the library is a Blue Star Memorial By-Way Marker. It's the 36th in New Jersey an is on the ground with the flagpole. The memorial is for all veterans who have served our country... whether civilian or military.
Inside we have our Display of Veterans from Beach Haven who served from the Civil War until the Vietnam War. There is also a tribute to those who lost their lives during WWII and the Korean War.
We are asking that anyone who has lived in Beach Haven and was a veteran of any war, or is still in the military, to please bring in or email a photo of their veteran along with a description of what war they served in and what capacity. This material will be placed in a binder for our Museum Archives. Please email any info to: Attention: Anna